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just come across this article on the BBC site. Looks like [tag]Microsoft[/tag] are thinking about buying a stake in something called [tag]Facebook[/tag] (i know… I’ve never heard of it either..!).

Whilst this is part of a trend of major players buying up popular [tag]social networking[/tag] sites, i wonder a little if it’s a wise move (ok, i know there are people at microsoft a million times better informed and placed than me to make decision on this, but i can still wonder can’t i?).

I can see why google went in for [tag]YouTube[/tag] (the chances of another service quickly taking the place of YouTube are slim, despite what I think about the great Viddler service), but when was the last time you read or heard anything about [tag]MySpace[/tag]? Why can’t the same happen with Facebook?

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