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I’ve long been a fan of services such as Scribd and Docstoc which allow people to share their (or in some cases, other peoples’!) material and enable a whole load of those lovely web2 features that we’ve become so used to that we expect to be almost everywhere.

Obviously given my overwhelming enthusiasm to give my entire life data to H.A.L I’m also a huge fan of Google docs so I was pleased to get an email from another of everyone’s favourite embeddable service Slideshare telling me that I can now upload and share my Google docs via their service.

The process is reasonably slick. Choose the ‘upload google doc’ option and you’ll be asked to give slideshare permission to access your Google docs account. Once done you can choose to upload al or some of your docs and change the titles by which they will be known on Slideshare.

Slideshare and Google docs integration

It took a fair old while to convert the doc into Slideshare format (about 12 minutes), but the end result is pretty satisfying. Here’s a copy of the OU Boxee submission document.

Boxee submission

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Hmm, there seems to be some issues with embed code on the page, but you get the idea!

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