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I’m a new convert to [tag]Google[/tag] docs and if there were a way to open the Word docs I’m sent in [tag]Google docs[/tag] I could see me never using Word again (anyone know if there is such a way?)

I’ve just been taking a quick look through what’s popular on delicious and came across this story on ars technica . Looks like Microsoft is trying to get itself in on that online tools goodness. Unfortunately (and I suppose completely logically from MS’ point of view) users can only collaborate on a document if both have Office installed.

Although that was almost enought to stop me reading, I suppose that in a work context that’s not too much of a problem. I know that when I’ve wanted to collaborate on a Google doc with some colleagues it’s involved them setting up a gmail account etc (not a great problem, but still a barrier). I think I’ll probably give this a go.

You can sign up for a beta invite here.

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