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ok so i’m giving flock a go.  I’ve always been a firefox fan so this is a little difficult for me.  do i remember that the two are relations (twice removed on the third aunt’s side) or am i just trying to make myself feel better?

anyway, here’s will self brought to you via flock’s web clipboard.  how sad that he should be the the first human to come into my mind for running an image search

Lots of other interesting-looking stuff to play with. don’t seem to be many extensions yet however.

flock keeps telling me that x,y, and z sites have feeds and that i can keep track of them thru flock.  It’s trying to steal netvibes from me now…is there no end to this?  i had everything so nicely set up – everything talked happily to everything else. now this.  all those hours spent tweaking and personalising, now i have to go thru them all again. mmmm, sounds good!

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