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After my initial forays into flock which left my interest piqued but the rest of me unconvinced, I’ve now completely fallen for it! 

I’ve started twittering (again) as you can probably tell from the sidebar widget and the overriding impression is that Flock has allowed me to easily bring together a whole range of web2 services and benefit from the community that is created.  I see conversations on Twitter which link either to posts on blogs or groups on Facebook, plus I get to benefit from the wisdom of those whose twitters i am following: what price the recommendation of a chumby from David Weinberger?!

Now, via Twitter I know that Grainne is preparing to rant about the size of inbox that the OU permits her.  Grainne, drop me a line – you can set up an archive folder and never have to worry about deleting another email!

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